Lounge Chair by Sigurd Larsen


“A chair that fulfils all the standards of good design, yet is accessible to everyone.”

– Sigurd Larsen

„The Lounge Chair is somewhat lower and more comfortable than a normal chair. It looks good on its own. That is important, because I imagined that... more this work might only be completed once. My priority in the design was the seating comfort. It’s a real science, which angles and lengths are right in order to sit comfortably. That is a relict of the 1950s and 60s, when people wanted to solve every design problem once and for all with formulas and diagrams. But then something unexpected happened: all the people I know are taller than their parents.“

„There are many examples in design history of good furniture for sitting on with crossed textile straps as covering. Our weave is diagonal. We played around ... more with many experiments to get to that point. In Denmark, there are some home-made Christmas hearts in which the lower part is braided together. The covering of our Lounge Chair is partly inspired by that. The striped pattern of the strap makes an attractive impression in the diagonal cross-over.“

„The plywood used for the frame is especially stable. Unlike solid wood, it does not bend, as the grain of each layer runs in a different direction. However... more, sometimes you have to deviate from pragmatism in order to keep the beauty in mind. I don’t want the Lounge Chair to look self-made at first glance. It is a design object and fulfils certain aesthetic requirements. That is clear in small details such as the screws. Brass screws simply look better than steel screws. That is why a steel screw is often coloured, or simply hidden or turned to the wall. The brass screws, on the other hand, are worth showing off with their warm metallic gleam and shiny heads gently sunk into the wood. That is also the case with the conical legs: two screws are mounted next to one another at the top, but to save on materials the legs are somewhat narrower at the bottom.“

Does the world need another chair?

Danish architect and furniture designer Sigurd Larsen lives and works in Berlin. After completing his master’s at the School of... more Architecture of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and working at various well-known architecture firms, he founded his own studio in Berlin in 2009. His works can now be found in Berlin, Helsinki, Hongkong, Copenhagen, New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.

We asked Sigurd to design furniture for HORNBACH that anyone could build. Working with us changed his perspective on the products, as in each one he found much more than the function for which it is usually sold. He demonstrated how much style and elegance can be gleaned from materials that seem inconspicuous at first glance.

Materials and tools

Functional items that suddenly become something special.

The construction

Here we go: a chair in four steps.


Prepare yourself

Two days, commitment
and will


One or preferably two people


A room with a worktop



Get the construction instructions

Download the instructions and DIN A0 template for selfprinting.


You need the following items


DIN 934 M4 brass hexagonal nut

x 12

Raised countersunk head wood screw with slit 3.5 × 30 mm, brass

x 4

Universal countersunk screw with I-star 3 × 16 mm

x 200

Universal countersunk screw with I-star 4 × 50 mm

x 24

Countersunk screw with slit 4 × 30 mm, brass

x 10

Countersunk screw with slit 4 × 50 mm, brass

x 8

Sleeve nut 4 mm, brass

x 18

Mamutec beige+blue furniture strap 80 mm

16 m

Light or dark brown hard oil

375 ml

Masking tape

1 roll

Beech right-angle mould 20 × 40 × 950 mm

2 pieces

Beech Multiplex 18 × 1250 × 1100 mm

1 board

You need


5× screw clamps

Electric screwdriver

Bit set

Wood drill set

HSS countersink

Flat brush

Abrasive roll G120 / G180 / G240


Mole wrench



22 mm Forstner bit

300 mm set square


Cotton cloth


Useful, but not essential

Handheld staple gun


Mobile drill stand

Hemp string



Delta sander

Guide rail

Cork sanding block

Better safe than sorry

Ear protectors

Dust mask

Protective goggles

Work gloves