Designed to be built, not bought.

At HORNBACH, we have always been driven by a single passion: giving people the opportunity to create great things with creativity and their own bare hands. We are now going a step further: a series of projects by well-known designers from all over the world, designed exclusively with and for HORNBACH. Design pieces that cannot simply be bought, but that you can only build yourself: the HORNBACH WERKSTÜCK Edition.


Lounge Chair by Sigurd Larsen

An iconic, comfortable chair. Timeless Danish design combined with refined, robust materials.


Utsuri Table by Yo Shimada

A modular interpretation of a table. Modern, Japanese design combines flexibility with an innovative use of neon colours and their reflections.


Work in progress



This is how it works

Design. Handcrafted by you.


Well-known designers develop furniture exclusively for the HORNBACH WERKSTÜCK Edition.

Instructions and materials

Download the instruction manual from our website and find the required materials and tools online or in-store.


You can build the WERKSTÜCK now with passion, willpower and your skills.